Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Cheapest prices and UK Deals.

Tired of household cleaning? Time to buy a Robotic Vacuum!

The idea behind Robot Vacuum Cleaners is simple but revolutionary. Robots which clean your floor for you! First introduced in 2000, a number of companies have now jumped on the robot vacuum bandgon - from household names in kitchen appliances such as Electrolux, to newer, robotics-oriented companies such as iRobot with their Roomba cleaner. With the technology having advanced so much, now is the right time to buy a robot vacuum!

Who enjoys doing their own housework? Adding one of these to your family means you don't have to - your very own robotic butler, they allow you to stay ahead of messy floors with a simple touch of a button! Self-propelling, they happily collect dust and debris in their built-in dustbin whilst freeing up your valuable time from the tedium of household chores. Some are so intelligent they will even return to their docking station and empty themselves!

Typically, they have an awareness of their surroundings, navigating around furniture and avoiding perilous situations like household stairs!

Although most are designed for home use, there are also models which are designed for other environments, such as offices and hospitals.

This site will allow you to find the model which is right for you allowing you to compare robotic vacuum prices before you buy.