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With a lot of Robot Vacuums available, it can be difficult knowing which to choose. Below we've featured the ever-popular iRobot Roomba and Samsung Navibot ranges, as well as the less well-known, and more suitable for those on a budget, Klarstein Cleanfriend Basic and Robomop. Prices are regularly updated from UK robot vacuum stockists allowing you to easily compare robot vacuum prices.

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iRobot Roomba 531 iRobot Roomba 531
Price: £279.99

The Roomba 531 is iRobot's entry level Roomba. It's suitable for all floor types, and is able to successfully navigate underneath furniture. The Roomba's main features are a patented 3 stage cleaning process, Light Touch Bumpers, Cliff Detect technology and iAdapt. It comes with a virtual wall, and is self-recharging.

iRobot Roomba 555 iRobot Roomba 555
Price: £359.99

The Roomba 555 is the next step up from the Roomba 531. The main feature which sets it apart from the 531 is onboard scheduling - you can set up a schedule consisting of 7 preset times at which it should start cleaning. In addition, it can clean four rooms on a single charge compared to the 531's three.

iRobot Roomba 564 iRobot Roomba 564
Price: £391.99

The Roomba 564 is the Roomba model which is designed especially for pet owners. Pet hairs can be notoriously hard to deal with, and the 564 has special provision for this with its AeroVac vacuum. It also comes with a higher capacity bin.

iRobot Roomba 581 iRobot Roomba 581
Price: £429.99

This is iRobot's top of the range Roomba. It has a number of features missing in the other models, including a Wireless Command Centre, with which you can steer the Roomba yourself, and comes with three Virtual Wall Lighthouses. Like the Roomba 555, it also has onboard scheduling.

iRobot Scooba 385 iRobot Scooba 385
Price: £389.99

When compared to the Roomba, the Scooba's speciality is cleaning floors - it's a floor cleaning robot rather than a vacuum. It is suitable for a wide variety of hard floor types, and incorporates a four stage cleaning process. The Scooba uses a cleaning fluid which is designed to be safe around children and pets.

Klarstein Cleanfriend Basic Klarstein Cleanfriend Basic
Price: £119.90

Although less advanced than the Roomba or Navibot, the Klarstein CleanFriend Basic is nevertheless worth considering for those on a budget. It has three different cleaning modes, is able to detect obstacles such as walls and stair edges and is suitable for a variety of floor types, including carpets, tiles and hard floors. You do need to bear in mind it requires a EU to UK power adapter and that, most importantly, the instructions come in German.

Robomop Robomop
Price: £23.90

With such a small price tag, the Robomop is extremely basic compared to the fully-fledged robot vacuums we feature. However, it's also a lot of fun so we thought it deserved a mention! It is only suitable for hard floors (so can't be used on your carpets) and consists of an 8.5cm mop with soft edges which help it reach corners. To help it collect dust it uses electro static pads, five of which are included free, which can be purchased in packs of 20.

Samsung SR8845 NaviBot Samsung SR8845 NaviBot
Price: £219.97

The SR8845 is the entry level NaviBot. Suitable for all floor types, it features high speed recharging. Incorporating what's known as the Visionary Mapping System, the NaviBot calculates and follows the optimal path around your home. Other features include 37 sensors, a Virtual Guard and a washable HEPA filter

Samsung SR8855 NaviBot Samsung SR8855 NaviBot
Price: £219.97

The NaviBot SR8855 is the top of the range Samsung NaviBot, offering more advanced scheduling functionality, touch sensitive buttons and coming with two Virtual Guides.